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Germanium Repair

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  • South Korea South Korea
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* Germanium Repair

1) Its head made of pure gold and germanium makes the skin arranged.

2) Germanium particles free of impurities stimulate the skin properly

    and make the skin healthy.

3) Because its head is in the shape of T-bar, it applies the minute vibration

    to the detailed part of the face by the action of pressing and patting.

4) Because it is waterproof, it can be used in a bathroom.

   (In case of dropping it into a bathtub, take it out of water and dry it.)

5) Because the size is compact, it is easy to carry.  

 * Germanium

Germanium has the properties of emitting anion when a temperature of surroundings is more over 32 degrees C. That is to say, it revitalizes bioelectric currents flowing in the body and facilitates the circulation of the blood when it comes into contact with body heat. So it eases symptoms of tight muscles, fatigue and pain. And it suppresses accumulation of fatigue substance and also has an effect of enhancing self-healing power that human beings originally have.

* Tips for using Germanium Repair

- Face : Hold the massage head to the skin lightly. And move it continuously from lower to upper and from the inside to the outside.

- Nose part : For the narrow part like a low part of nose, massage using the T-bar tip of  the massage head.

- Know-how of massaging : Hold germanium balls of the T-bar to the massaging part and press it lightly for a few seconds.

- Waterproof : Because it is waterproof, you can use it in the bath.